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Commitment to foment, construct and disseminate the knowledge with the construction of the knowledge and excellent formation of health professionals with high level of qualification and potential of leadership based on ethical, moral, scientific and humanistic precepts.


To be an Institute of health education recognized nationally and internationally as a paradigm of excellence for the quality of education and the formation of specialized human resources based on the ethics, competence, entrepreneurship and leadership of its trainees; by the exceptional quality of the teaching staff; international scientific production and the social impact of its activities to promote the health of the population.


Quality; Competence; Ethic; Knowledge based on Evidence; Dynamism; Pioneering and Innovation; Respect for life and Human Dignity; Commitment to teaching excellence, Valuing people, Human and cultural diversity.


Treatment for
Patients in Courses

In addition to providing opportunities for dental professionals who want to improve themselves, the European Face Institute also provides opportunities for those who want to carry out their medical, dental and aesthetic treatment.

The treatments performed are intended especially for patients who do not have the financial conditions to support the costs of a particular clinic.

Dental implants, facial prostheses, dental prostheses, orthodontic appliances, aesthetics, application of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid, support threads, lipopat and cases of advanced surgeries in a hospital environment such as orthognathic surgery, facial sequelae and cranial and facial reconstructions. The offer will depend on the areas of the courses that are offered in the calendar of the European Face Institute, since the treatments are conducted in class.

The treatments are carried out by students of the courses of the European Face Institute, who are specializing or updating, always guided by teachers. In private clinics, professionals are usually already experts in the field, acting without accompaniment of teachers.

In private clinics, there are possibilities to adopt other techniques that can shorten the treatment time and offer solutions that have greater longevity (duration). At the school clinic, treatments are employing less technology, since the purpose is student learning. However, the procedures follow the same rigorous care required as treatments done in private clinics.

or to be done at Clínica Escola during classes, the treatments are cost-effective because they are partially subsidized by the European Face Institute and also due to partnerships with manufacturers of dental components. Thus, we make the treatments more accessible.

All patients undergo a process called screening, for pre-diagnosis. Thus, it is verified whether the patient is a case to be treated in class or even if there is a need for preparatory procedures. If the case does not fit, the treatment can still be done at the School, in the mode of clinical care.

Get in touch during business hours on the phone 936 865 825 or 917 524 531, through the email, or through Facebook or Instagram.

Because it is carried out in school, the waiting time and the treatment itself is longer. Attendances are held once a month, as classes only happen once a month. Do you still have questions? Send a message to our team, through the contact page



Porto, Portugal


+351 917 524 531